History & Structure

The Gabriel Project of West Virginia began in the mid-1990s with a group of women in Wheeling who were concerned for the welfare of low-income women and children in their community.  Looking for a more comprehensive way to serve those in need, this group of women expanded their grassroots efforts and formally incorporated the Gabriel Project in 1997.

From this humble beginning, the Gabriel Project spread rapidly across the state. Today the Gabriel Project serves needy families in over 25 counties in the state through two chapters and local sites under the overall direction of a state office.  Our two chapters coordinate client services within a specific geographic area and oversee Gabriel Project sites in churches and other facilities.  Chapters are located in Wheeling and in Charleston. Client services are also provided in Fayette County under the auspices of the State Office in Charleston.

In 2022 we are proudly celebrating 25 years of serving needy families with young children.  We estimate that over the past two decades since our founding there have been nearly 50,000 client service visits to local Gabriel Project sites.

The Gabriel Project of West Virginia is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization governed by its own community board of directors.  Our organization is faith-based, but ecumenical. We are not affiliated with any particular religious denomination or national organization. We do not evangelize and we do not attempt to influence legislation. All our services are provided without discrimination.