Kaleidoscope Activity Day

December 2, 2017  •  9:00 am – 2:00 pm
Acker Science Center
Wheeling Jesuit University


Kaleidoscope is a 4-hour event for elementary school children. Each child will take part in a variety of educational, physical, and fun activities. Children will be provided lunch and a free tee-shirt.
REGISTER ON-LINE, or contact the Northern Panhandle Chapter Office at 304-639-5039.
You can also register at the event, beginning at 9:00 am.
When registering, you may choose five activities that relate to your child’s interests.


Activities are:

  • Find It Bottle: Child will fill a bottle with beads, when shaken will create a comforting sound and bring them peace.
  • United As One: Children will play under a big parachute. Bring peace to everyone.
  • Looking for Light:Children will make kaleidoscopes. Look for light in the world.
  • We Can Make It Through: Children will work together to get through a string maze. Working together despite differences we can succeed.
  • Peace Bracelet: Child will make a bracelet to express their peace.
  • Peace Land: Children will play a game like Candyland reaching Peace Land.
  • Peace with a Twist: Children will play a game like Twister to show them how we all need to work toward peace.
  • Hip Hop Over to Peace: Children will jam to hip-hop music and have fun with each other– sharing peace.