What We Do

The Gabriel Project of West Virginia benefits families without adequate financial resources to meet the tangible needs of a new baby.  We provide baby necessities, such as new cribs, new car seats, diapers, formula, clothing, hygiene products and other items at no or low cost to our clients.

The Gabriel Project also recognizes that the needs of our clients go beyond tangible items. We support families in despair with understanding, compassionate listening and, if requested, prayer. We share child rearing experiences, offer information materials and answer general questions about baby care to improve parenting skills. And we make referrals to other sources of assistance that are beyond our mission.

We serve single parents, wed and unwed couples, homeless families, victims of domestic violence, families without jobs and those with meager income jobs, and families in unexpected economic hardships struggling to care for their young child.  Although most of our clients are mothers, we also assist kinship caregivers with custody of a young child and who need our services.

Assistance provided by the Gabriel Project enhances the abilities of families to parent and nurture their children and to improve their quality of life. Gabriel Project assistance is primarily provided by volunteers called “Gabriel Angels”, working from community client services sites in churches and other facilities.

The Gabriel Project is not a crisis pregnancy program. We do not offer pregnancy testing, pregnancy termination, adoption services, counseling or medical care. We also do not offer housing, utility assistance or direct financial payments to clients