Who We Have Helped

(Names have been changed to protect confidentiality)

“Ashley” was unable to breastfeed her infant son and her public nutrition assistance was not enough to fill Jeremy’s formula needs each month.  At first Ashley diluted Jeremy’s milk or substituted water altogether to try to make ends meet.  But Jeremy was hungry and sadly cried for food.  And then he became sick because he wasn’t getting enough nourishment.  “Please help my baby,” was Ashley’s desperate call to the Gabriel Project.  Our volunteers promptly responded not only with formula but also with diapers and a new crib.  Jeremy is now healthy and smiling again.

“Jessica” escaped from an abusive relationship with her infant and toddler and only a few clothes that she could quickly gather. She timidly approached the Gabriel Project, seeking diapers for her infant. But as our volunteer talked with Jessica, it quickly became apparent that this family need much more help. Jessica and her children were sleeping on old blankets on the floor of a trailer. There was little food to eat. The Gabriel Project provided diapers, clothing, a crib and mattress and formula. We also rallied help from other agencies for additional emergency items and legal support for this family. The care and mentoring provided to Jessica has helped her start a new future.

“Sarah and Michael” were at first determined to make it on their own. This young couple scrimped and saved their meager income to make layaway payments at a local store so they would have a crib when their first baby was born. With two weeks remaining in the pregnancy, Sarah and Michael paid the last payment and proudly brought the crib home. But two nights later an electrical fire swept through their rented house. Sarah and Michael escaped unhurt but lost all their possessions including their prized crib. With no money to purchase a replacement crib, and in despair, they sought help from the Gabriel Project. Today Sarah and Michael are rebuilding their lives and their infant daughter is sleeping in a new crib with warm blankets and clothing provided by the Gabriel Project.

We also assist fathers, grandparents and other relatives caring for an infant or young child.
We help grandmothers like “Audrey” struggling on fixed income to care for her infant granddaughter while the mother is in drug rehab. The granddaughter was left in Audrey’s care without any baby equipment. The Gabriel Project provided Audrey and her granddaughter with a new crib, a new car seat and other baby items.

We help fathers like “Todd” with a car seat, diapers and clothing for his son. Todd’s young girlfriend could not handle the pressures of parenthood and abandoned both Todd and their 6-month old son. Todd is determined to raise his son himself. Gabriel Project volunteers are supporting Todd with tangible baby items and by offering information materials, referring him to additional community resources, and reassuring him through his unfamiliarity with baby care and child development.